申请流程 Application

Do I have to participate as a member of delegation (usually a school or an institute) or as a freelance?

BIMUN only accepts group registration. All delegations shall receive the invitation. Registration for individual delegates or observers is NOT accepted.

I have never participated in Model United Nations. Can I attend the conference?

With a top academic atmosphere and well-arranged conference order, BIMUN provides young talents with a platform to show their competence and learn from each other. Meanwhile, we will offer sufficient guidance during the pre-conference preparation period, including instructions and lectures for the Rules of Procedure. Delegates can also download relevant guidance documents from bimun.org.cn. CFAUMUNA and BIMUN sincerely welcome all students interested in MUN.

Can junior high school students apply for the conference?

BIMUN recruits delegates from more than a hundred prestigious universities and senior high schools, and we only accept full-time high school students and college students.

When can I start my application?

The application channel will open after the release of the first-round announcements. Please contact the leader of your delegation or the Liaison Member in charge of your school if you have problems with application or registration.

What should I do if the online application system breaks down?

If you encounter problems when using the application system, you can contact the Department of Liaison or the technical consultant for professional support. Here is the email address of the technical consultant: tech@bimun.org.cn.

When is the deadline for the application?

The deadline for the application will be stipulated in the first-round announcement. The delegates can consult your group leader or the Liaison after the first-round announcement is published. The deadline for the application of BIMUN2020 is 3rd, Feb 2020.

What’s the registration fee for the conference? What does the fee include?

The registration fee for BIMUN2020 is 600 RMB for each Chinese delegate and faculty adviser; 400 RMB for each Chinese observer; and 123 US dollars/each for overseas delegates. The registration fee will be used for all the expenses of BIMUN2019, covering costs of printed materials, catering, guest invitation, venue fee, personal accident insurance, etc. Transportation and accommodation are NOT included.

How can I pay for the registration fee?
BIMUN境内代表的唯一缴费方式为银行对公转账。请以代表团为单位,在各银行网点或网上银行正确填写对公账户“转账信息”,于截止日期前完成转账。境外代表如无法完成银行转账,请与联络专员联系。BIMUN 2020的转账截止日期请参见《会费政策》。

The only channel for mainland participants to pay the registration fee is to transfer the fee to the institute/company bank account of CFAU. Please fill in the correct “transfer information” of the institute/company bank account when you are transferring the fee at the bank or e-bank, and complete the transfer before the deadline. For other participants who are unable to complete the transfer, please contact the Liaisons. Please check the Payment Policy for the transfer deadline of BIMUN2020.

How can I make sure I have paid the registration fee successfully?

Please fill the payment information checking form and confirm the information with the Liaisons after the payment is completed.

Can I have the receipt/invoice for reimbursement?

The Secretariat of BIMUN can issue invoices for participants who have successfully completed the registration and payment. Please contact the Liaisons if you need a receipt/invoice for reimbursement. If you need the receipt/invoice, you must fill the payment information checking form and contact the Liaisons before the deadline of issuing invoices. After the deadline, No Issue will be accepted.

Can BIMUN send me an official Invitation Letter?

The Secretariat of BIMUN can offer formal invitations to participants who have completed registration and payment. Please contact us if you need an official Invitation Letter.

Should faculty advisers and observers be formally registered?

BIMUN 2020要求所有指导教师、代表及观察员进行注册。
BIMUN2020 requires all faculty advisers, delegates, observers and all participants to register.

Will the number of observers be subject to the seat allocation of delegates?

The number of observers will not be limited by the seat allocation of delegates.

Are there any restrictions or requirements concerning the application of international or overseas students?

Overseas students who are currently studying in China will NOT be recognized as overseas delegates. They will be considered as members of your school delegation.

Can teachers register as the observer to attend the conference?

All observers of BIMUN2020 should be a student of invited institute/school, teachers should register as the faculty adviser to attend the conference.