International Monetary Fund

Topic A: IMF Quota and Governance Reform

Topic B: Virtual Currency and Financial Security

Working Language: English

Size: 40

Representation: Double Delegation

Rules of Procedure: Beijing Rules of Procedure (Motion-oriented)

Introduction to the Committee and the Topic:

In the post-financial crisis era, the International Monetary Fund, with no doubt, has played a more significant role on issues like economic development, impartial status among nations, etc. For the past several decades, the IMF has been making great efforts on the self-promotion, seeking for both equality and efficiency. However, after the latest IMF quota and governance reform, equality hasn’t been reached and efficiency still needs to be improved; Besides, as the core of global currencies, it’s essential for the IMF to assess the novel wave of the Virtual Currency and potential risks behind it. Therefore, in this committee, delegations are expected to ponder over how to tackle the current loopholes inside the IMF as well as how to evaluate the influences of the Virtual Currency on the global economy, so as to ensure a better future for global economic development.