United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Topic A: Protection of Cultural Heritage under the South-South Cooperation

Topic B: Application for the World Heritage List

Working Language: English

Size: 60

Representation: Double Delegate

Rules of Procedure: Beijing Rules of Procedure (Paper-Oriented-oriented)

Introduction to the Committee and the Topic:

Cultural heritages, regarded as the conduits to achieve cultural diversity worldwide with inter-cultural communication, are of vital significance. Not only could they document the transformation of human societies, but also kindle human ingenuity and creativity. Nevertheless, cultural heritages are still subject to natural disasters, armed conflicts, looting and illicit trafficking.

The developing world, in particular, are more plagued with these challenges. As the local government lacks sufficient technical and financial support to provide personnel training and regular maintenance, the situation has become unprecedentedly severe.

Having recognized the urgency of these problems, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been also devoted to strengthening the management of cultural heritage in South American countries under the South-South Cooperation. More significantly, the Centers for South-South Cooperation of UNESCO, specializing in providing scientific guidance on policymaking, will further the implementation of cultural heritage protection in developing countries.

Meanwhile, Cultural artifacts which are prone to external threats also deserve attention from the international community. As the most internationally authoritative catalogue of cultural property protection, the World Heritage List is in action to prevent the priceless cultural artifacts from destruction.

When touching upon the issues, delegates are expected to pore over the details of the problems with insightful ideas and dip into the close connection between the two topics. We are waiting for your inspiration about the future of cultural heritage protection!