Main Press Centre

Working Language: Chinese/English/French/Spanish

Size: 30

Representation: Press Delegation

Introduction to the Committee and the Topic:

The Main Press Centre (MPC) is a news reporting organ composed of major worldwide news media groups. Delegates will participate in meetings with fact-based reports in different forms. Journalists are expected to shoulder the responsibility of transmitting up-to-date facts and to some extent, influence the process of the conference. In BIMUN2019, MPC will introduce Press Agency Delegation as its delegation rule. Under different circumstances, press agencies should take up related duties with both challenges and fun. Journalists are not bound to have an impact on the countries in their assigned committees. Rather, they will learn skills of news production and strive to influence the public. MPC is dedicated to enlarging its influence, with the support of an in-time release platform. Moreover, traditional paper media will be invited to recall the dignity and solemnity of journalism, while maintaining its immediacy and efficiency.